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Chuan Young Precision Industries

We believe that our team and our technology can provide more and better services to customers in every corner of the world to create a better future.

About Chuan Young

Chuan Young was founded in 2003 and passed the Quality Management ISO 9001 International Certification in 2009. In 2014, Chuan Young decided to pursue more technical expertise and create a more professional image and therefore changed its name from Chuan Young Technology Co., Ltd. to the current Chuan Young Precision Industries. We have always endeavored to create a "win-win" value for our clients by providing the strongest technology, establishing the best services, and creating the best products. We believe that only through "sincerity and trust" can we develop longer and broader relationships with our customers. This is our commitment to the customers and the invisible creed of Chuan Young 's salespersons.

If you are searching for a partner who can improve your quality and reduce your total costs, please give us the opportunity to know one another. We believe Chuan Young may be the perfect answer. Our team has a limitless capacity and rich experience in helping our customers develop solutions, providing punctual delivery and improving quality requirements. We also strive to help our customers achieve the anticipated results, set targets to reduce costs, and enable company growth and create a win-win situation.

The future challenge is Chuan Young's outlook to become a globalized factory. We believe that our team and our technology can provide more and better services to customers in every corner of the world to create a better future.

Environmental Policy

Clean from the Source
evnironmentProtecting the environment is our social responsibility and our obligation as human beings. With the "Clean from the Source" concept, environmental protection advocacy is something that everyone can uphold. We also strive to strengthen labor safety and environmental protection measures by continuing to study knowledge and improve skills and equipment. To uphold this commitment, our factory features advanced oil mist recycling equipment.

We encourage our employees to practice environmental protection efforts in their daily lives. The company has banned disposable chopsticks and Styrofoam tableware, practiced recycling, prohibited smoking and betel nut at the worksite, and has provided shared-dish style meals to reduce the amount of disposable tableware waste. In the future, Chuan Young will continue to strive to become an environmentally friendly business and maintain a better future for the next generation.

Oil and Fume Filtration Equipment
Our company has installed oil and fume filtration treatment equipment in our plants to show that we are willing to spend to uphold our belief of corporate social responsibility. This equipment filters oils and fumes, adsorbs odors, improves the air quality of the factory by eliminating fumes and odors simultaneously, and tangibly satisfies large facility air emission environmental protection standards eliminating pollution. The equipment enabled the factory to present a modern and clear appearance while protecting the health of the employees as well as the environment of the Earth.

Factory environment

Core Competencies

Concentration of the Leading Professional Expertise and Processes

Chuan Young has 15 years of professional CNC processing technology. Over the years, we constantly challenge ourselves and diligently help our customers resolve processing related issues and making the impossible possible. Technology constantly advances, and processing requires constant analysis. We continue to set "the fastest processing speed" as our goal to enable each product to have the best quality, the fastest speed, and the largest capacity.

Comprehensive Equipment and Integration Capabilities

We continue to strengthen our factory equipment and evolve our information technology in order to become the vanguard of the field for our customers. We have the integrated ability to complete the finished-part products and handle the entire process from parts forming to product appearance.

We have the Design Communication Capacity and Adaptability

We emphasize the training of company talent and brainstorm with our customer-end design team to resolve the uncertainties of the designers and achieve the most perfect designs. Our rich experience enables us to handle unexpected situations better than anybody else and provide contingency plans in various aspects, allowing us to turn each crisis into an opportunity.

Meet the Delivery Deadline and Costs

We cooperate with each customer to meet the cost demands and create the maximum benefit for our customers by upholding the traditional Taiwanese virtues of integrity and trust. We also use maximum daily output to meet the customers' anticipated delivery date. We are committed to accomplish every mission.

Quality assurance

Establish a quality management system according to the demands of Chuan Yang's customers, pass the ISO9001:2008 international certification, and use the best quality to establish great relationships with our customers.

Geographical advantages

We are located in the Taichung Dajia Youth Industrial Park in the center of Taiwan. Our total annual output can reach up to NT$50 billion. This region has convenient transportation, has formed a manufacturing chain in itself, and has vertically integrated all of its resources.


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