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Chuan Young Precision Industries

We believe that our team and our technology can provide more and better services to customers in every corner of the world to create a better future.


CNC Processing Technology

In the past two decades, we have manufactured parts for various industries including the traffic engineering production industry, electronics industry, and medical equipment industry. We are committed to quality and timely delivery in order to meet our customers' expectations.

Our CNC machining area occupies the main part of the plant. Advanced CNC machining tools adopted by Chuan Young are ready to meet your company's processing needs. The tools can produce a variety of products and has the capacity to perform anything from simple hole-drilling to precision machining of complex parts. From prototype design to short and long-term CNC milling machining and processing, we provide a one-stop processing station to our customers that invest all of our time into producing high-quality work.

To ensure the highest level of parts manufacturing, all of our processing stations are controlled using cloud computing. We use a wireless CNC transfer program to upload data from the central location to each CNC machining tool. Our manufacturing processes emphasize our efficiency. We use the combination of the CAM software, an automatic cutting tool changing device, and the multi-axial ability in addition to the rich experience of our production engineers to provide high quality, precision, and competitive prices for our customers.

Our factory supports milling machine 3D engraving, plane processing, and 4-axis as well as 4.5-axis machining, vacuum suction gripping processing, tapping and drilling capabilities, and lathing. As long as the component can be framed onto the machine, we will ensure that the task can be completed.


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