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Chuan Young Precision Industries

We believe that our team and our technology can provide more and better services to customers in every corner of the world to create a better future.


Product OEM

If you are searching for a partner who can improve your quality and reduce your total costs, please give us the opportunity to know one another. We believe Chuan Young may be the perfect answer. Our team has a limitless capacity and rich experience in helping our customers develop solutions, providing punctual delivery and improving quality requirements. We also strive to help our customers achieve the anticipated results, set targets to reduce costs, and enable company growth and create a win-win situation.

CNC Parts Processing

We have strictly controlled our production lines and testing equipment, recorded the manufacturing history and processes for each work-piece, established standard parts, and produced various products under our demands for self-improvement.

Rapid Sample Production

We provide full scale sample services that are "faster and more accurate compared to those provided by other people."

Industrial Application

Our fields have branched out into the traffic tool, medical equipment, electronics, and industrial design industries. We also expect to provide our services to more industrial leaders of different fields.

Traffic Tool Industry

Chuan Young has 16 years of experience in manufacturing parts in the traffic tool industry. We have the ability to produce the most sophisticated parts needed by the industry. Our range of services includes cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and electric cars among others.

Electronics Industry

The more sophisticated the parts, the more we are able to complete the task. Our range of services includes mobile phones, laptops, etc.

Medical Industry

Medical equipment has always been a constantly developing industry in Taiwan. Chuan Young is also committed to make the medical industry thrive and expects to bring more distinctive possibilities to the industry. Our range of services includes assistive devices, dental equipment, etc.

Design Project Cooperation

We do not set limits for the future and expect to adopt an even more interdisciplinary approach. Chuan Young provides the best technology and continues to challenge itself in anticipation of using better designs to create more world-class products in the future.


We’ll show you how easy it can be to go from concept to market-ready product!
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